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'Scourge' pt 1

Posted by crusty_mcboobs on 2005.11.27 at 04:22
I just want to try something a bit different. This is the start of a story I've been working on for a while now. Was thinking I could kind of serialise it online. I'll explain a bit more in a comment.


Audrey ran for her life. Shoes flapping on the cobbles, chequered scarf snapped out behind her, and her hands clenched around a bundle of stolen watches - the searchlights of a zeppelin painting her shadow against the walls as she fled past, and every now and then a wrathful blast from the megaphone mounted in its prow.

It wasn't supposed to go like this.

Audrey risked a look over her shoulder. It was there, all right, and getting closer. The giant sausage-shaped gas envelope, the tin gondola swaying beneath it. Two propellors whirring on either side with a sound like the droning of a monstrous bee. She knew also that it was up there just to keep an eye on her and that at this moment its telegraph was clattering out her position to the police at street-level.

"Hey!" someone barked. Audrey twisted to see a small man standing in the threshold of his store, hidden from view by an awning. To judge by his blood-and-ichor stained apron, a butcher. "Get over 'ere!"

"Oh, thank the Goddess!" Audrey ducked under the awning and thrust a handful of watches at the fellow. "You can have all these, mate, if you'll hide me for just - "

"Not so fast." Quick as a flash, the butcher reached up and whipped away her ragged grey cap.

"Huh. As I thought." His arms folded.


He raised a finger blunt and discoloured from butchery. "You're an elf. Piss off."

Audrey reached up to touch her pointed ears. They stuck up through her tangle of rust-red hair. They were only the most obvious sign of her fey-blood. She was taller than any human sixteen-year-old, with inhumanly pale green eyes, though her bony build owed more to malnutrition than the fey.

"Shite, have 'em all then!" she pleaded, pushing the watches forward, desperately aware of time slipping by. "Please! For the Goddess's sake!"

The butcher's arms did not unfold. "You'd better run, lass."


kau666 at 2005-12-22 02:04 (UTC) (Link)
oh come on! this is interesting! CONTINUE!!!
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