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For Oscar

Posted by doesthemagkdrgn on 2006.01.02 at 14:14
this is a poem i wrote on the night of Oscar Wilde's death (well, the 150 anniversary)i tried to throw in a few puns, basically i tried to think a little sharper in this poem and i wanna know if you guys can see it or if it's too obvious. plus let me know what you think of the poem (of course).

Let the day be marked with black
And remembered for all time.
Christan the sun rise with a little song
That the muses can set to rhyme
For today is the passing of their son.
Few finer have been born
Mixed with his Irish blood, now gore,
Runs Dionysus with his whores.
A life ended with tragedy,
A play beyond his means.
And through it all he wrote of beauty
Detailed descriptions of his sufferings.
In earnest he was inspiring,
Even his shadow I would emulate,
Perhaps he would offer me good tidings,
Perhaps a poem, perhaps a date.
Standing tall, honourable to the last
He faced all cumbrenses with his sword
In hand, ready to strike
At the panthers that bound the land.
I only wish i could say the same
But I am a coward, to the bitter end.
So Happy Birthday, Mr 150,
I C L have no fury like the wilde born.
Cutting tongue that infect the wounds
Into delirium - pure genius.
Gay to the end, such romance,
But there I shall leave my envy.
Maybe in time I will scandalise
My society, but there is plenty
Of life left in the world of the now,
I am not yet at recompense.
I could swear, from this day hence,
But I am the antagonist
Of a play that still holds curtains drawn
And only when the curtain falls
Shall i bow and leave the floor.
Perhaps then will I express in vowels
What is now only pen and thought.
You may have forgotten me by then
But I shall eagerly await your retort.
For there is nothing so alluring
As the wilde sort.


kau666 at 2006-01-04 08:55 (UTC) (Link)
ChristEn. i kept reading it as christian and couldn't figure out what you meant. though i still can't since christen means name....
I was enjoying it till I got to In earnest. bad pun BAD PUN. *cries* (sorry, i'm in hyper, too many cold-and-flu tablets mood)
as a whole i really like this. i don't like the puns though. problem is, punning and a kind of elegy don't really go hand in hand. and while you are writing a poem in praise of Oscar Wilde, trying to write like him will never work, none of us will ever come close to his greatness, so it just becomes a pale imitation, and gets in the way of an otherwise appealing and clever poem. plus, if you truly are trying to sound like Wilde, as far as memory serves, he was never funny in his poems.
Otherwise, way cool. oooh...coffee.....
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