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first draft of some chapter.

Posted by doesthemagkdrgn on 2006.04.05 at 12:08
Pietrov walked with uneasy steps towards the dais. Surrounding him was an infinite world of white, with endless pillars marking distances he could not mentally measure. Far, he thought.
Before him stood the four Gods, his creators and leaders. They each stood on four points on the dais, with four lines marking pies on the floor, marking the four corners of the world over which they ruled.
Death was the easiest to mark for she never remained in one shape. Her form would constantly fold upon itself to create different colours, different creatures, different dimensions. She could melge a blue feathered raven into a green spark from a fifth dimension, back to an eight armed dolphin. At first the other Gods would enjoy the show, but now did their best to ignore it.
Pirtrov’s eyes caste over to Justice, who stood like ancient mythical warrior as textbooks enjoyed drawing them, or statues would display them. Tall, powerful, with a face blank as a tidal wave. Piertrov was a mythical warrior, of who there were no statues, but he knew you never looked like the artist impression. No artist could capture the raw power captured with Justice’s eyes.
War was the only God sitting. Resting on a stool….

“You all know why I have come. I have with me the three pearls of God. I did not know where else to go. I have come to ask for your aid in destroying one of your sons; Levin. He is alive and well in the world I just left, along with some friends of mine, and is something is not done soon they will die in pain only conceivable to yourselves.”
“They have already died so.” Spoke war.
“…. What.” It took all of Piertrov’s mind to contain his fury.
“In one time they have died such, in another they are living well, never to have known of Piertrov, Levin and the pearls. In another they are besieged with war as known by only those in the first days of the abandonment…”
“I see you use our names for periods too.” Piertrov interrupted War.
“We use all names, and use that which best describes to the thing hearing us,” continued Death through the beak of a bird and the body of a lizard, “For one time we could call it ‘The ageless war’ ‘the forgotten times’ and ‘last Tuesday’. Do not assume that to name something by the words of those hearing we place the same meaning to such names.”
“I do not expect you to place meaning to anything.”
“What is your purpose for coming here Piertrov? We have known your mission for a long time, all of them, but never knew what was your plan for you did not even dare to let yourself know.” Justice’s voice was like a mountain talking through your head, and it was a moment before Piertrov’s head could stop reeling from the shock.
“I can not reveal to myself what I did not know. I never knew what I would do with the pearls once I attained them, I just hoped I could keep them away from Levin. Levin foolishly showed me the entrance to your door and I used the pearls to get here. Thankfully I see there is no suffering in this realm, or else I would not be breathing right now…”
“You are not breathing at all.”
“Nevertheless, I have come with the pearls and the hopes that you will do something with them, and about Levin. A stroke of your hand and you could caste him down, simply return the pearls to where they came from and remove Levin’s soul from his body and I shall be on my way.”
“It is not as simple as that.” Once again he heard the voice of War, soft and slow, almost alluring, yet its very edges spoke novels of death.
“And why not?” Piertrov asked.
“Long ago we swore never to kill one of our own kin, godlings to the first generation. No God can bring about their death directly, though if they should die from old age or in battle or any other such means possible to kill them, we could not interfere. We decided that since we could not kill each other, we had no right to kill each other’s children.”
“But Levin is part human, can’t you focus on that part and kill that?”
“No. He’s not.”
Piertrov fell silent. Levin was only part God, everyone knew that. His mother was Death, she used to come to festivals, Piertrov had been presented before her numerous times. He’d never asked about Levin’s father because when your mother was Death you didn’t need to know.
“Which of you is he?” Piertov spoke slow. He couldn’t get angry here, he shouldn’t get angry here, he was doing his best not to get angry here.
“He is also my son.” Said War, standing finally from his stool. He was short than Justice, less stocky, but where Justice’s eyes were an empty pool of punishment waiting to happen, War bore through you so that you could not look at his gaze for very long. Piertrov did not even try, he’d seen enough eyes of men who wanted to kill him.
“Death did not tell us for a very long time, but there was one time where we coupled and a child was born. Levin is a direct line from two Gods, his power is unimaginable at this time, even to himself, even with centuries of sleep to quest within himself to find it. We cannot kill one of our own, we must leave the dealings of men to men.”
“Dealings of men! He is almost whole God, where are we to find a man that can stand up to such a being?” Piertrov became desperate, he had failed, his friends were now beyond pain, beyond life, his world beyond saving.
“We can give you three.”
There was an endless silence where all eyes turned to Love. She had yet not said a word, and in most meetings rarely did, preferring to remain in her own affairs. She did not say more.
“Good.” Said Death.
“Perfect.” Said War.
“It shall be.” Said Justice.
“Mind filling me in?” asked Piertrov. The Gods were all looking upon each other he thought they might forget him. He also had no idea what they were talking about.
“Love has given you what you have come for Piertrov; an answer. We Gods cannot interfere and kill a child of our own, but we can give you three children of our own to do it for us, leaving the affairs of men to men.” Death explained, turning then into a parrot.
“Three? I will need an army of such children, for which will be tainted with the blood of humans.”
“You have the pearls Piertrov. We will select three of our children most fit to use the pearls. This will give them each a power almost equal to that of Levin, and together they should surpass him, so long as you can co-ordinate their fighting so they fight as one being, not three.” War said, walking to the very edge of his pie, leaning over the dais.
“I am to lead this group of godlings? When I myself have killed many of them, who would trust me to lead them?”
“We shall send you to a time before your own beginnings. Levin may not be as strong then, though a dog is often fiercer when his back is to the wall. We shall choose the godlings most fit and have them meet you in that time. You will give each one pearl, we shall tell you which one, and then march onto Levin’s castle and do what you can to destroy him.” War smiled to himself, all other God’s eyes were on him.
Piertrov brought them away from their glory hugging. “And this is your final decision?”
“Yes.” Boomed Justice. Piertrov’s head told him not to ask again.
“Who should be choose the three sires? Who should not?” asked Justice.
“I will not,” spoke Death, “I have few children, due to obvious difficulties, and will not ask them to kill a brother. Many would do so if I asked, but I cannot play such a crucial role in the death of my son.”
“Then it is left for us three to decide the godlings most appropriate to this mission. Justice?”
“I shall choose Melencov. He is strong minded, though not so strong in arm, with such a weapon as the pearl such a weakness will not hinder him at all. He will do his best to bring harmony to the group and be cog that holds together the wheels.”
“Then I shall choose Colstev. He is a natural warrior and leader, but can also take orders from those he respects. When battle comes Piertov will not be able to strongly lead godlings with powers of the pearls, they will need an equal leader that still holds to a commanding will.”
“I shall choose Arthur.”
Once again all fell silent, staring intensely at Love. Piertrov found himself once again out of the loop but became more concerned as the silence grew, for there was no understanding in Love’s sibling’s faces. There was shock.
“Are you sure?”
“Why not?”
“He’s a coward. He’s no warrior, he’s a womaniser. Love, you’ve had children from some of the greatest warriors, and in turn sired some machines of battle. Pick one of them.”
“All those children were easily defeated in battle by Piertrov. Arthur never was.”
“That’s because Arthur wouldn’t have been able to stand in armour. Piertrov would only have killed him if he didn’t die from laughter first. He will slow down the party. You cannot choose him.”
“Ahh. Can someone fill me in please?” asked Piertrov, falling on deaf ears.
“I am free to choose any of my children. I choose Arthur. Though he does not bare the strongest arm he has honour and principles…”
“Hard-ons and Pick-up lines more correctly.” Justice said with a role of his eyes.
Love turned crimson with fury. “It is Arthur or your party goes without a third pearl. I will see to it that I take the third with me and it is lost from all eyes forever.”
“Couldn’t we do that anyway?” asked Piertrov.
“Anything hidden, or lost, can be found. Better to remove the seeker than hide the prize.” Answered War without looking at him.
All eyes locked hard against Love’s. Piertrov was sure there was some argument or battle taking place that he simply could not perceive, but was powerless to become involved, and was not sure whose side to take if he could. Arthur did not sound like a primary candidate, but the mission was not one he would have preferred either. Instead he sat where was standing and waited.
“So be it.” Shouted Justice. “Piertrov, you will be sent back to an age before your time, when Levin was simply a growing and powerful Lord, along with the Pearls and three of our children. This is the only involvement we Gods will give you. You’re then to train these men into using the Pearls and defeating Levin as best you can. Beware of over use on the Pearls though, for these godlings are still part human, and that part of them can still be destroyed by the pearls.”
“If this is the only offering you have for me, then I shall take it and go. But if I fail Levin will obtain the pearls, and it will be on your heads if the world is destroyed because of it. Send me now before I change my mind.”
Piertrov rose and stood ready for the shock of being moved, mind body and soul, to another time. However the world simply went black. He became unconscious and experienced nothing of the travel.


kau666 at 2006-04-05 05:30 (UTC) (Link)
hey man, before i get around to reading this, could you do me a favour and lj-cut it both here and on your lj? i have a friends page that i read (mainly for the hilarious arguments on convert_me) and now it's mainly taken up with your long piece, twice.

lj-cut goes < lj-cut> at the start and < /lj-cut> without the space.
or you can go < lj-cut text="My fabulous chapter about Russians and gods"> and then < /lj-cut> at the end.

Ok, now i've got to reading it. Just a bit. I have to go to work soon. What is this word melge? It sounds like a cross between merge and meld. And is his name Pietrov, Pirtrov or Piertrov, cos you changed it twice in one paragraph. And did you intend to put an e on the end of cast? Cos I don't see what it has to do with a social class. This is much more fun than work. I'm a crap literature reviewer but I'm a living spell-checker.
Puff the Magic Dragon
doesthemagkdrgn at 2006-04-12 02:11 (UTC) (Link)
the spelling is Piertrov, tho occasionally i type too fast and miss the r... or many other letters.
the e was accidental.
melge is a word Shaun and i have been throwing around for years. in first yr he would test his lecturers by seeing if they see it in an essay. it is a mixture of merge and meld, purely accidental when i spoke it, but i wanted to see if i could ever use it casually in a story, essay, or conversation.
i'll try that text cut now, Christina tried to tell me how but should couldn't direct a compass north.
kau666 at 2006-04-13 11:03 (UTC) (Link)
well done!
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